Resolve Poverty
& Thrive


Circles Derby meets every Thursday evening from 5:30 - 7:30 pm at Derby Presbyterian Church, 324 N. Baltimore, Derby, KS 67037. Meals and childcare are provided.

Each meeting is structured around the Circles USA model that focuses on three stages: Crisis management and stabilization, education, job placement and job retention, advancement and economic stability.

Guests are always welcome

There are many programs offering help to individuals and families living in poverty in Derby and the surrounding communities. Most of these programs are designed to provide temporary emergency assistance rather than long-term solutions to end the cycle of poverty. Research shows that developing supportive relationships is a key factor in the two to five year journey out of poverty.

The Circles model provides education and resources to help participants take a deeper look at why they are living in poverty help them create goals that will eliminate barriers and provide the support necessary for reaching those goals The program goal for all participants is to create long-term financial stability and independence with the support and encouragement of a caring community.

Circles Derby is dependent on the relationships of committed volunteers, as well partnerships with schools, churches, organizations and the business community. These partnerships are vital in helping people in poverty take their lives to the next level. Circles Derby is supported 100% by local partners who are contributing funds and/or in-kind resources to support the ongoing efforts of Circles Derby.